Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The beginning..........

Welcome to £200 to £2 million.

Background to this blog.

I am currently working for one of the big 4 accountancy firms in London and have been since university.
As almost all trainee accountants will vouch for, I absolutely love my job! Who doesn't love ticking boxes and casting excel spreadsheets 24/7.
The first year has been a steep learning curve and enjoyable at times. However, during this period I have been to numerous businesses and worked on numerous clients. The one thing that I have learned is how diverse the world is and how many different ways there are to be sucessful. In this case I am measuring success in terms of weath.
So this is my diary of my attempts to take £200 and convert that into £2 million. Ambitious yes! Probability of losing £200, almost certain! Distraction from my job, priceless!

Plan of Action

Having conjured this ambitious, undoubtedly flawed and preposterous idea, I have spent the last week thinking of ways to utilise my £200 pounds in order kick start the ball rolling.
Immediate thoughts involved simply entering a casino, betting on sports matches, applying for the apprentice and even setting up my own lawn mowing business. However, none of these are going to make my money quickly, if ever!

So I have turned to the stock market. Completely unexperienced I have decided to try my luck at the stock market. The £200 is the minimum amount required to set up a spread betting account with one of numerous companies. Have not exactly spread the risk of my investment. Decision done. No turning back now, the stock market would be my medium to achieving my task.
The following morning I picked up a copy of my CityAM and began my research into choosing stocks and educating myself of this untamed beast. From hereon please follow my journey on the stock market as I attempt to convert £200 into £2 million.

Wondering why the name?

I wanted to convey my reliance on the stock markets by including it within the blog name. Squire encompasses my task. It can be defined as "an English country gentleman, especially the chief landowner in a district", which is applicable. I am directly in charge of my district, i.e portfolio, through my investment decisions and everyone wants to be a english country gentlemen at heart, dressed in tweed smoking a pipe! Yet at the same time squire can be defined as "a man who attends or escorts a woman". The stock market will act the woman, to whom I shall escort and attend. Finally squire indicates my position, I am not an expert, I am ranked unbelievably low in the hierachy of the stock market.